doNext provides high value-added services for the structuring and management of securitisation transactions to support Investors.

The activity of Master Servicer

doNext, formerly Italfondiario, acts as Master Servicer in various securitisation transactions pursuant to Law 130/1999, handling the collection of assigned loans and cash and payment services on behalf of securitisation special purpose vehicles, as well as the ongoing verification of compliance of the securitisation transaction.

doNext is active in the management and monitoring of securitisation transactions servicing structured finance and supports its customers in achieving their profitability and growth objectives.

It carries out tasks of an operational nature, as well as guarantee functions, ensuring that the securitisation transactions are structured and managed in accordance with the regulations in effect, contractual agreements and prospectuses.

Through the other companies of doValue Group – doValue and doData– doNext provides integrated services in management of the entire loan life cycle.

In carrying out the collection activities and administrative management of loans, doNext makes use of Parent Company doValue.


Core Activities

Structuring of a securitisation transaction
Supports investors in the acquisition of loans by the SPV and in financing methods (issuance of securities or stipulation of bridge loans).


Assistance in the establishment of special purpose vehicles (SPVs)
Handles administrative, accounting and corporate management, ensuring asset separation for the entire duration of the transaction.


Onboarding – Guarantees
Acquisition of the IT and document archives of portfolios.



  • portfolio performance and guaranteed management of the same according to the criteria established by contracts and prospectuses
  • Verification of the activities performed by other parties involved in the transaction, including the Special Servicers involved in the administration and management of loans and production of structured reports
  • Control of the entire securitisation process and guarantee of compliance

Production of reports for investors, in accordance with the contractual provisions envisaged for a securitisation transaction.


Audit activities
Audit process for compliance and monitoring of the performance of securitisation transactions:

  • Control of compliance of the securitisation transaction with the law and with prospectus (ex ante)
  • Management and monitoring of the performance of the portfolio (ex post)

Activities supporting Special Servicers:

doNext is the best partner for:

  • Selection of Special Servicers: consolidated experience in the market of Special Servicers and collection companies
  • Verification of collection strategies: critical analysis of the strategies proposed by Special Servicers, valuation and possible additional improvement measures
  • KPI Monitoring: monitoring of the collection process and measurement of KPIs


Back-up Servicer

doNext guarantees that the securitised portfolio is managed appropriately, also in the case of default of the Master Servicer, providing the transaction with the adequate human and technological resources, ready to replace the Servicer if necessary.