Value for employees

Value for Employees
Value for Employees

The focus on people is one of the fundamental pillars of the Sustainability Plan, leading the Group’s ESG strategy.

doValue recognises the centrality of the people who, every day contribute to the development of the Group and the creation of shared value in the long term.

doValue invests in its employees’ growth through policies and paths aimed at the enhancement and development of professionalism.

doValue is committed to sharing a culture based on mutual respect and to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment through a constant dialogue.

The diversity, the inclusion and the respect for human rights are fundamental elements of its corporate culture and pillars of its own system of values.

doValue has created the Identity & Communication Committee with the aim of developing Brand Identity, Communication and Sustainability strategies of the Group.

The Committee, composed by members of different legal entities, promotes projects and initiatives to spread the culture of diversity and inclusion among its teams.

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in 2021
3,153 employees
in 2021
42% men 58% women
of the total employees
are permanent
99.2% of contracts
in 2021