ESG Rating

ESG Rating
ESG Rating

The doValue Group in recent years has continued its efforts to integrate sustainability into its business strategy: pursuing a path of sustainability means for doValue to integrate economic-financial value and sustainable value to generate shared value.

The Group's sustainable growth path is confirmed by the excellent ratings assigned by ESG Rating Agencies.

The group doValue sustainability ratings


MSCI Inc. is a provider of ESG indices designed to help institutional investors more effectively to compare the performance of ESG investments and manage measure and report on ESG mandates. MSCI ESG Research aims to measure a company’s financial long-term ESG risk resilience.

In February 2024 MSCI ESG Ratings has confirmed the ESG rating of doValue at  "AAA" - Leader






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In October 2023 doValue received an ESG Rating 18.8 and was assessed by Sustainalytics to be at “Low Risk” of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors

Low Risk


Moody's Analytics

Moody’s Analytics provides trusted and transparent data and perspectives across multiple area of risk - credit, climate, environment, social and governance - to help market participants to identify opportunities and manage the continuously evolving risk of doing business.

In July 2023 Moody’s Analytics has upgraded the Group’s ESG rating from “Limited” to “Robust” with an ESG Overall Score of 50 points.